niedziela, 12 grudnia 2010

xmas r comin' ! :)

I didn't wanted a xmas tree, because it's too popular so I made it :

Christmas r coming , I don't have too much time for everything because of school ... I'm just too busy and I'm also exhausted. Friday, I'm making a Xmas party for my bffs. I've just bought Glögg for that occasion. 

Today, i was in IKEA and I've got the newest IKEA FAMILY LIVE magazine ;D 

wtorek, 16 listopada 2010

pleasant night ...

I don't have any homework :) It was really nice to just make and drink a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Now, I'm laying on the bed with my lovely dog and listening to favourite chill-out music... what a night!

niedziela, 14 listopada 2010

hey again !

I was browsing the page
I'm amaized by some things ! 
Just chek it out! 

środa, 10 listopada 2010

poniedziałek, 8 listopada 2010

Warsztaty Sztuki Fotografii

 P O R T R E T w M C K

Dzisiejszy dzień mogę zaliczyć do udanych. Było bardzo miło. Pozowałem dla fotografów biorących udział w Warsztatach Sztuki Fotoografii. Liczę na więcej takich ciekawych zleceń ! :)

poniedziałek, 1 listopada 2010


Hey, that's me and my first blog post!  I'm gonna adding here everything that will pay my attention. "I Gave You All . ." by Christian Kawecki

I've recently added this look and i'm waitin' for more and more hypes!